Savour Café is the perfect spot in Newton for a warm cup of coffee, a cool fruit smoothie, or a light meal. We work to make our European-style café just as comfortable as your own home, but with the great additions of an experienced chef, a dedicated wait staff, and the best locally-sourced and organic ingredients! Our offerings were built to be customized—those with gluten sensitivities, vegan diets, or most other specialty food needs will find something delicious on our menu! We also offer takeout and catering, and our baked goods have gone across the country! We hope you stop by soon.

what WE DO


Savour began as a cafe, and it has stayed true to its roots! We offer a variety of coffees, teas, and smoothies.


Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or takeout! Our menu features a full line of breakfast items, delicious sandwiches, and healthy salads.


Treat yourself with something sweet! Our desserts are made of the finest, freshest ingredients, so indulge without guilt.

OUR advantages

Cozy Atmosphere

Savour's dining area is aesthetically pleasing, creating a comforting ambiance. Once you arrive and find your seat, you may find yourself feeling almost as at home as you do in your real home! Owner Brandi Cojocaru hopes that Savour is someplace that anyone looking for a casual, relaxing atmosphere to hang out in would enjoy.

Organic and Fresh

Savour's philosophy is organic when possible, fresh always. All baking is done on premises, ensuring the freshest food possible. While we have a number of consistent menu items, many of our products change to accommodate seasonal availability bringing you the freshest food possible.

Locally Sourced

Not only is the nutritional value of Savour's food important to Cojocaru, the community is also taken into consideration. Local farmers directly supply Savour with fresh vegetables and dairy products. To give back even further, we make sure to donate time, space, and food to local causes whenever possible.

Environmental Consciousness

Savour supports a global and green awareness and applies this to the cuisine. All of our disposable products are recyclable and environmentally efficient. Savour's philosophy is considerate, not only of our customers appetites, but of our carbon footprint!

what's NEW?


We are proud to announce our new online ordering system, providing the most convenient way to order your takeout or catered meals. Our site will work from your computer or most major smartphone browsers, putting Savour’s fresh baked goods, entrees, and delicious beverages right under your thumbs! We have special promotions for our online ordering system, so make sure to check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date deals!