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The Hottest Spice of 2016: Turmeric

When you think of the hottest spice, chances are you might think of a ghost pepper or something along those lines—this article isn’t about spicy, it is about popularity! Turmeric is gearing up to be the “hottest” of the spice celebrities.

Are There Antibiotics in your Meat?

Most of the meat consumed and produced in the US comes from major agricultural producers—large corporations that make their profits by producing meat as inexpensively as possible. One of the drawbacks to this process is that the animals are not always kept in the cleanest or best conditions, resulting in frequent infections from close quarters, less-than-sanitary living conditions, and injuries that are not treated as quickly as possible.

The 4 Best Winter Foods to Warm You Up

Right now, we’re in the middle of a cold, snowy winter in New Jersey—no surprise for any long-term residents! Many of our customers come in shivering from the wind and ice looking for the perfect way to warm up. Check out of five favorites below!

How to Make Desserts a Healthy Part of Your Diet

If you’re anything like most people, you have an occasional—or, let’s face it, everyday!—craving for a sweet treat after a meal. While many dieters eschew this as a moment of weakness, rewards and indulgences are an important part of enjoying life. The real question is, how can you incorporate these treats into a healthy diet?

Why Source Locally? The Effect of Local Food Sourcing in the Restaurant Industry

Many of our customers ask why we source locally, and what that even means. After all, can’t we just go to the supermarket and purchase what we need?

While supermarkets, cross-country shipping, and international availability have made our food options broader than at any other time in history, we try to shop locally whenever possible. By seeking out local, organic food made in New Jersey, we hope to bring our customers the best food and to bring our community the best resources, year after year.

Environmental Benefits

Shipping food across many miles costs a lot in gas worse, it adds a lot of traffic, fuel consumption, and packaging to the environment. Cut down on your carbon footprint by buying locally. It’s a commitment that Savour has stuck to since we opened!